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There is still plenty of work to do, And i think we're finding out there always will be, But we are so proud of the transformation that has taken place so far, Inside and out. So much went into the things that aren't even visible like electricity, removing gas lines, replacing water pumps, rust proofing the chassis, replacing vent lids...the list goes on. After many weeks of hard work we are so happy with the results.

Champ is a whole new scamp! It feels so good to step back and really notice the difference. The biggest changes had to be the canadian oak flooring, the new upholstery and the oak countertops. We are so happy with the results.

The transformation of the cabinets! first we removed all hinges and knobs and painted over the fake wood material with a fresh white paint to brighten up the space. We polished up the original hinges and found some perfect little gold knobs to match.

The main kitchen area was a mess. We replaced the (too small) sink with a bigger, glossy black sink and a nice tall faucet that can also be swiveled and used outside through the open window.  We created a backsplash with plywood and peel&stick tiles. Covering up those stains felt so good! With a New soap dispenser to match the faucet and the custom made counter tops placed, this space was completely renewed.

We LOVE this bunk / lounge area. Perfect for whenever we have guests on the road. The new upholstery, some matte black finishings, a little paint and decoration went a long way. 

The bathroom was as gross as you would expect but it could've been A LOT worse. After cleaning out the mold and removing the wallpaper we painted the fiberglass walls and stuck on some sweet copper cactus decals to add to the desert vibes. 

We decided we didnt want to deal with gas as most campsites we stay at have electric hookups and we can always get a generator. So, we ripped out the gas stove and transformed it into a space to store our induction stove top and utensils. we had the counter top custom cut to include a hideaway cover. Everything fit together so well!


Huge thanks to everyone who helped us throughout the process. especially our parents with a special shout out to Jay-J's mom who did all of the custom reupholstery, Olivia Herrick our Scamp Mentor, Kyle for the plumbing help, and Matt Boos from Genesis Wood Co for creating our custom oak counter tops and table/bed.